What Is Air Freight Tracking?

What Is Air Freight Tracking?


Air freight tracking is a service that is provided by many air freight companies in order for their customers to have the information relating to where their freight is at any one time from the moment it leaves their location to the moment it arrives at its destination.

Many people are able to visit the freight company’s site and just by entering your freight tracking waybill details you should be able to have the exact location of where your package is at that time.

However if you carried out a search of the internet by keying in “air freight tracking” you will find a myriad of sites listed who can find out where your goods are by you either keying in your way bill details or just by clicking on the Air Freight Company that is transporting your goods for you.

There are many companies around the world suggest as UPS who are a single source provider and they can provide people with instant access to their world wide network by allowing them to use their advanced air freight tracking and visibility system which will help people to manage their shipments from departure to delivery.

There are also a number of companies who offer a software package which many sites use for people to enter their air freight in order to track their goods. Below are details of one such package.

Magaya Live Track is the most revolutionary software product on the market today and it allows people to track cargo that is moved by companies that are part of the Magaya Network worldwide. This software allows you to view information such as pick up orders, warehouse receipts and cargo releases (very important for those who have strict deadlines they need to meet) immediately on line. As well as this they can view and print all the documentation that relates to their cargo in a clear and accurate format.

Whilst another company that offers air freight tracking is Trackweb which was set up in order to allow users to have access to the various websites of air freight carriers and shipping company websites and leads you straight to their specific tracking page. All the links they provide are direct to the companies tracking pages and can be accessed easily from any PC.

However, it is important to remember that when you are using an air freight tracking service you will need to provide details of either the waybill or invoice number in order to find out where your cargo is.