Sacred Vow by C G Walters


Can two persons living in two alternate worlds consummate their union and bond physically and spiritually? And may their appreciate heal a rift while in the collective consciousness? “Sacred Vow” by C. G. Walters is a gorgeous metaphysical fantasy. This romantic story of soul mates from parallel realities may have you believing in true appreciate.

Ian Sarin is information along with his life of do the job, mates and journey. But 1 evening though making the most of a cup of tea he contains a vision of a woman that variations his everyday living. Despite the fact that he won’t be able to hear her, he can see her mouthing words and he Walters concerns know her as Katerina. These visitations turn into a frequent prevalence and a robust friendship develops in between the pair, a friendship that gets to be extra vital than his authentic existence. Ian starts off to realize There exists extra at stake in this article, and he will have to uncover a means to be with this female or danger getting rid of his one true enjoy.

The plot unfolds bit by bit, however the nicely crafted narrative and powerful characters retain things transferring. The author ably conveys the protagonist’s point out of brain as his perception program is challenged. Even those who are new to metaphysical ideas of parallel life and realities will see the ideas simple to be familiar with and also the Tale believed provoking and inspiring. Viewers will come to feel like They may be taking this momentous journey with Ian as he strives to be aware of his position inside the universe. And they’ll believe all points are doable as they look at this enlightening as well as entertaining Tale.