Official US Population to Hit 300 Million in October of 2006

Well the reliable US Population is going to hit 300,000,000 people someday in October of 2006, no matter if there’s an International Terrorist Attack or not. Of direction that is the unofficial US populace due to the fact we’ve got unlawful aliens and unlawful immigrants in our country as properly, some believe in excess of 24 million, who do no longer plan to leave unless they may be thrown out and most of whom wish to turn out to be US Citizens to absorb a few instead satisfactory dwelling conditions and Democrat Social Pet Programs.

We are anticipated to pinnacle a few 420,000,000 with the aid of 2040 right after social protection is going bankrupt and fifty five% of our citizens are suppose to have Type II Diabetes due to non-exercise and negative diets, however no matter that every one is looking suitable, if we do no longer run out of water from droughts or Global Warming?

The distribution of our kingdom will of direction must trade due to Blue State Densities that preserve increasing. Apparently we get weird conduct from rats too as the density goes up, which means we are able to want to fill in a 寵物移民馬來西亞  number of the regions in the center of the country to make all this work in the future. Meanwhile, you are possibly questioning how are we able to accept as true with our politicians to run any such big united states after they can’t even run Congress?

Well one right issue with the MS-thirteen Gang Members in the US, the 6,000 Chinese Spies and the 2,000 International Terrorists in cells we have to hit our intention of three hundred million people approximately 10 hours early someday in October of 2006. And it truly is a rap. Next caller you are on the line with Lance.