Man With A Van Business Idea


Man With A Van Business Idea


In the current economic climate, holding down a job when many companies are going out of business can be tough. Also, whilst inflation continues to increase, the chance of getting a pay-rise is almost nonexistent. For many people this is a time to tighten then belt, and indeed worry a bit about the future. For others this is the perfect opportunity to branch out into business on their own and start to work for themselves.

There are many advantages to working for yourself, from being able to keep all the profits of your business to being able to take an Man with a Van North London impromptu day off from time to time without having to be tied to the 9-5:30 routine that so many people have to abide to. Working for yourself means you’re your own boss and you get to call the shots. Obviously, if you are struggling to find work to pay the bills then working for yourself can be more of a burden, and if you fail, you’ll really have nobody else to blame apart from yourself.

The other problem with starting your own business is that generally you need a decent amount of cash to buy the things you need to start your own business. However, if we consider becoming a man (or woman) with a van then the only things you are going to need are yourself, a phone to answer sales calls and a van to do whatever it is you are hired to do! Whilst you might think that vans are expensive, you can get a commercial van loan to purchase a van at quite a cheap rate so as a business, there is in fact quite a low entry point, just as long as you can secure that loan!

Not only that, once you start off, either through advertising in local press, the Yellow Pages or online, you’ll find that there are a large number of people looking for your services. People are always looking for someone who can help transport things for them at short notice. Areas to consider are helping with household or office removals or even the collection and disposal of old junk. You can charge extra for these kinds of services. If you’re flexible you can also diversify and occasionally do delivery or courier work to boost your finances further. Generally if you pick up a couple of jobs a day, you can earn enough to put your feet up the rest of the week.