Listening, the Key to Mentoring


Listening, the Key to Mentoring

A mentor is a person who is non judgemental but listens, nurtures and encourages with a depth of knowledge and a lot of experience, said one of India’s leading management mentors V. K. Madhav Mohan.

“Everyone needs a mentor to listen, encourage and point out the way, share, anticipate and provide feedback, learn new concepts and techniques, understand the intricacies of the knowledge economy, understand the opportunities and steer clear matka result of the pitfalls, understand other people and their aspirations while appreciating your own shortcomings, he said.

He said that mentoring can’t be described, it can only be experienced and key to mentoring is listening.

As a mentor he has been able to guide individuals and organisations attain their potential and thousands of people have climbed the ladder of success under his guidance including Managing Director IIRM Hyderabad Vepa Kamesam, Director, United Phosphorous Limited Kalyan Banerjee. His clients span across India, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka.

As a mentor he conducts several programs. Among them are the leadership from within and, the corporate mentoring program. The program leadership from within is a two-day program which helps build personal growth. This program helps to understand an individual’s deepest aspirations, values and purpose in life. He said that first you should lead yourself from within before you lead a team or an organisation.

Mohan said that the corporate mentoring program is important because they have a critical need for guidance, feedback and support in their professional and personal lives. This program is designed to improve results, strengthen relationships and foster learning through the organisation.

The program has two essential components which includes concept workshops and personal mentoring sessions. The minimum duration of the corporate mentoring program is one year and during this time he spends one day per month in the organisation.