How to Recycle Brother Printer Ink Cartridges


How to Recycle Brother Printer Ink Cartridges

One important fact about printer ink cartridges that many of us are not aware of is that these cartridges are not environment friendly. Business houses, educational institutions, and individuals are accumulating millions of tons of these materials every year that reach the landfills in all the countries and are causing irredeemable harm to the environment. Statistics reveal that only 5% of the empty cartridges are recycled in the United States. The balance 95% are discarded by the users to reach garbage landfills everywhere. However, recycling of cartridges is a messy job. Hands should be covered with gloves and the floor should be covered with newspaper or ink absorbing material during the process of recycling or refilling the cartridges.

Steps for recycling Brother ink cartridges

1) You should put a towel or a similar ink absorbing material on the surface where the cartridge is refilled.

2) The syringe should be filled with the ink and the adaptor should be placed on the top after removing the needle.

3) The cartridge hole through which the ink flows out should be kept facing downwards initially.

4) The ink in the syringe should be injected into the exit hole till the ink comes out of the vent hole without any foam.

5) Now the cartridge should be reversed so that the vent hole faces up and the exit port is pointed downwards.

6) Then the needle should be attached to the syringe bottle and the ink injected through the vent hole till it flows out of the exit hole without foaming.

7) After keeping the cartridge for about 10 minutes in an unmoving state in the same position, the ink should be filled up again. This process should be repeated till you are sure that the cartridge had been completely filled.

8) If the cartridge has to be transported, the vent hole and the exit hole should be covered by small pieces of insulation tapes. However, they should be removed when the cartridge is installed in the printer.