How to Make Money During the Recession – Sell Your Mobile Phone!


How to Make Money During the Recession – Sell Your Mobile Phone!


Times are hard right now and who doesn’t want an extra few pounds in their pocket? A quick and easy way to make money online with minimum effort is to sell old mobile phones.

If you’re anything like me you’ll have some old phones without chargers lying around and probably no idea if the phones work or not. Well these old and used mobiles could be increasing  your bank balance at no cost to you and minimal effort.

There are plenty of websites offering to buy your used mobile phone if it’s working or not, but make sure you know them all so you can get the best price. Better still, use a comparison site and see the working and non working price of your mobile handset before you commit to selling it.

Selling your mobile phone online is so easy and quick, it’s nothing like selling a mobile phone on any bid or auction sites, all you do (here’s the minimal effort bit) type in the mobile phone model and if using a comparison site check the working and non working sell prices on all available companies, then just choose the highest price for you.

The website that you choose to sell your mobile phone with will normally send you a free postage envelope and when they receive your phone, they will post you a cheque. Simple as that!

Normally the mobile phone has to turn on and the screen is readable for it to be classed as a working model to sell, and a damaged or leaking screen or if the mobile doesn’t even switch on, then that would normally be classed as a non-working handset.

Why not sell your mobile? If you don’t have any spares around then I’m sure you will know of someone who just wants to get rid of some clutter and dusty mobiles, you’ll be amazed how much some phones sell for.

I so far have sold 3 mobile phones using two different websites that I have found through a comparison site and I’ve not made loads of money but enough to cover a monthly shop or a night out.