How the newest Growth Will Gain DIY Electric powered Motor vehicle Enthusiasts in Australia

The latest buzz on electric car development in Australia is the intention of Better Place LLC from Palo Alto, California to invest US670 million to build electric charging stations through major metropolitan. This will be a huge boost to the idea of providing electric vehicle (EV) for the masses. The news came at a right time when car owners are facing difficulties to fuel their vehicle and maintain a monthly household expense bill. As long as we are dependent on fossil fuel, we are always at the mercy of the oil cartels. In order for us to reduce electric vehicle charging our energy bill, we would have to adopt a new kind of energy for our cars which is electricity.

How would the latest electric car development in Australia benefit DIY electric vehicle enthusiast? For the time being, a new EV from a manufacturer is still relatively expensive. Most car owners will prefer to convert their existing gasoline driven car to run purely on electricity. The current challenge faced by home built electric car is the mileage it can cover. An average EV would require about 20 to 25 deep cycle batteries to supply power to the electric motor. On a full charge, the vehicle will able to achieve approximately 150 miles. The actual mileage will depend on the weight of the car, the driving condition, the speed of the car and also the condition of the batteries. For long range commutes, an electric car may not be suitable because of the risk of running out of power and getting stranded on the road.

With multiple electric charging stations, EV owners will able to use their vehicle and drive further distance. The car can stop by a charging station to recharge the batteries just like refueling at a petrol station. This will make owning an EV become more practical. When more people are retrofitting their car to electric, we will see a rise on the demand for electric charging station. When there is a demand, more companies will invest in the electric infrastructure hence bringing us close to a nation with clean and efficient transportation system.

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