Grooms Cake Designs

Grooms Cake Designs


A quick search on Google Images for ‘grooms cake designs’ will reveal a huge array of wild, wacky, and weird cakes. Clearly, when it comes to grooms cakes, staid and decorous is not the norm.

The cake can vary from a simple, dull sheet cake (which is very rare, unless the bridegroom himself prefers simple, dull), or an exotic, 3D sculpted one. The latter is the more common design and can really make it stand apart.

The very idea of the cake – something that reflects the bridegroom’s personality, likes and dislikes – entails that it be at least interesting  to look at. Traditionally, this cake was dark, and was exquisitely sculpted. In fact, many will concede that it looks even better than the main bridal cake.

Grooms cake designs tend to be in dark chocolate fondant. The cost depends on your own requirements. If you want one shaped like an electric guitar, or one like a football helmet placed in the center of a fondant football field, you will have to shell out a lot more than for a plain sheet cake. Prices tend to range from $5-$15 per serving. Most cake makers require an order of at least 50 servings. This can easily set you back by a thousand bucks or so (taking into account the fact that most weddings have hundreds of guests).

Grooms cake designs, as said before, revolve around the bridegroom. As such, their designs tend to be more quirky, wacky, and outright hilarious. Tiered designs are not really in fashion when it comes to this cake (as opposed to the norm with the bridal cake), and sculpted or sheet cake designs are the more common ones.